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Mar. 20 2018 — 3:04p.m.


TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN OAKSTAR Weekly Update Program Highlights Week of: March 9-15, 2013 ETS: 
 Derived From: NSA/CSSM 1-52 Dated: 20070108 Declassify On: 20320108 TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN

TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN MONKEYROCKET: (U//FOUO) ODD received feedback from S2 1 that this access is supplying collection on BITCOIN and LIBERTYRE SERVE; 2 of the top 3 virtual cmTencies they' re targeting . BitCoin is # 1 pri ority, so your system is being heavily relied upon for SIGDEV. ODD: Overview: (S) OAKSTAR 2013 serialized product report totals: 372 reports and 2151 GISTs. (S) There are no open/active REMEDY tickets for OAKSTAR. TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN

TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN MONKEYROCKET: Day 232 (U) 2013 = 1 report (they w ere 1 of 43 sources for the report , but hey, it's the 1st). (S//SI// REL) MARINA is transition ing to CLOUDRUNNER and our daily and w eekly metrics have hit another error . A new ticket has been created to address this issue on 04March 2013 and updated 11 March 2013. Tic ket number: MAR INA-9940. (SNM) (TS/INF) No data on 11 March 2013 and we are w orking w ith eng ineering to pin point the issue. (TS/INF) SSG11 analys ts have fou nd value in the MONKEYROCKET access to help track dow n senders and receivers of Bitcoins (a decen tralized digital currency system , w herein the units are known as Bitcoins or BTC .) (SNM ) (TS/INF) S2F214 is hoping to use the access for their mission of looking at organized crime and cyber targets that utilize online e-currency services to move and launder money. These illicit finance networks provide user access to international monetary systems , while provid ing a high-degree of anonymity . (SNM) TOP SECRET //COMINT//NOFORN

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