NSA Telegraph: SIGDEV Efforts in Support of the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Conference, Bali, Indonesia

Aug. 15 2018 — 6:02p.m.


TO P SECRET//COMINT// REL TO USA, FV EY//20320 108 Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap Customer Outreach January 2008 (U) The TELEGRAPH is a quarterly publication designed to inform members of the Intelligence Community of the capabilities, developments , and collection highlights of the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap . Derived from NSA/CSS Manual 1-52, dated 8 January2007 Declassifyon20320 108 TOP SECRET //COM INT// REL TO USA, FVEY//20320 108

TOP SECRET//COMIN T// REL TO USA, FV EY//20320108 (S// SI // REL) SIG DEV Efforts in Support of the United Nations Fra1nework Change Conference , Bali, Indonesia for Climate PO Cs: (U) The United Nations Framework Climate for Change Conference (UNFCCC), held in Bali, Indonesia from 3-14 December, was attended by 10, 000 conferees, activists, journalists, and high ranking representatives from 190 countries, including the newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudd, the US. Secretary of State , and former US. Vice President Al Gore. (S//SI//REL) Beginning on 29 November, the SIGDEV and Collection Opera tions Divisions executed a self-. initiated network development effort, in coordination with th e Defense Signals Directorate (DSD) an d site leadership, in supp o1t of this target. The goal of the development effo1t was to gain a solid understanding of the network strncture should collection be required in the event of an emergency. This involved identifying systems in use, isolating talk groups and TETRA towers of highest interest, detenninin g network hierarchy, and repo1t ing flow. Site produce d a Telecommunicatio ns Infonn ation Repoli (TELIR) documenting network strncture and activity. (Please contact if y ou would like a copy of the TELIR.) (S//SI//REL) Although DSD 's initial collectio n requirements were only for UHF push-to-talk communi cations collected via remote operations in Canbe1Ta, RAINF AL L proposed a more in-depth SIGDEV effo1t. To strut , a communi cations externals (COMEXT) task was ~ nerated to rapidly smvey 100- 3300MHz. Using this data , site analysis identified a previously unknown TETRA trnnk mobile network with towers in both Jakruta and Bali. With this info1mation, site an alysts began a focused TETRA network development effo1t, which resulted in the identificatio n of Indonesian security forces (POLRI) communi cations at both locations. At DSD 's request, site dedicated a staff member (a trained Indonesian linguist) to this eff01t to monitor, scan , and transcribe the TETRA voice communi cations in order to provide daily sUllllllaries of network activity. Intercept ranged from network set-up to situation repo1ts . Highlights include th e compr01nise of the mobile phone number for Bali's Chief of Police and demonstration routes. r ~T (S//SI//REL) 1n addition, RAINF AL L's uniqu e capability to identify and locate satellite uplinks was utilized during ad hoc search effoits in Bali. One uplink, assessed as being a direct video feed from Bali for public relations pmposes , showed the • front of a possible hotel in Bali with conference flags visible at the entran ce. Other uplinks located on Bali cruTied packet data. Technical pru·runeters and locations of th ese links were passed to DSD for their tru·get development eff01t s. ~~====~7~~~~~~ (S//SI//REL ) Uplink video from conference facility (S//SI//REL) Site effo1ts revealed previously unknown Indonesian communi cations networks and postm ed us to increase collection in the event of a crisis. Site's quick response in suppo1t of the UNFCCC demonstrates an ability to rapidly focus resomces and personnel and will se1ve as a model for future, siinilru·SIGDEV effo1ts. TOP S ECRET//COM INT//REL TO USA, FVEY//20320108

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